Emiliano Rinaldi was born in Arezzo, Tuscany in 1979. Upon graduating from the University of Bologna in engineering, he started his career working in the family business, which specialized in mechanical design. Since his adolescence he has shown a deep interest in design. Even then his creative talent was evident in his discovery and restoration of antiques.

He did not choose to become a designer, it was his calling. “I have always looked for harmony, beauty, sensitivity and sensuality in the people and things I encounter.”

His first collection, Summer 2011 was inspired by the clothing of his youth. His creations, resonant with passion and poetry, lead to his recognition as the emerging designer of WHO’S ON NEXT, PE 2011. Thanks to his informal nobleness, since January 2014, Emiliano has been assigned as Creative Director of "La Perla".

Continually inspired by his family, friends, and surroundings, Emiliano attempts to escape the banal, taking on the difficult but fascinating task of translating the beauty of life into clothing.

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